Success Corner

water_cleanClearing the pathway to clean water. We are working in 10 cities and villages in SE WI to make it easier and cheaper for localities to stop polluted runoff from reaching nearby streams and rivers (and Lake Michigan!)
water_cleanOur new Green Downtown project has yielded exciting ideas, new sources of data and ways of understanding existing data on Downtown Madison's sustainability successes and challenges.
water_cleanOur unique partnership with the state DNR, 10 cities and villages around the state and non-profit partners has helped Green Tier Legacy Community participants learn green practices from others and get help from the state to boot.
water_cleanWhy are some public spaces wildly popular (like the Farmer's Market) and other public spaces deserted and unfriendly? We explored this topic at our Placemaking Conference. Over 200 people learned about placemaking - a topic that we will build on in 2014.
water_cleanWe have been a leader in the transportation reform movement in WI for a decade. In 2013 we led a successful effort to increase funding for transit and local transportation needs - and to cut highway spending.