Action Alert – Support the Vulnerable Users Bill

Contact your legislator today and ask him/her to support the 2013 Assembly Bill 388 (ab388), the Vulnerable Users Bill. The Wisconsin Bicycle Federation is supporting legislation that would make it a felony to commit specific traffic violations that kill or injure “vulnerable users” of Wisconsin roads, including  bicyclists and pedestrians.  The bill mirrors traffic citations handed…

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Action Alert – oppose bill removing virtually all local control over Frac sand mining

Call your legislator today and ask him/her to oppose Senate Bill 349 – the Local Control Pre-emption Bill to Allow Frac Mining.  Contact Your Legislator Today! This legislation would REMOVE VIRTUALLY ALL LOCAL CONTROL over frac sand mining. See the details below and the full bill here. Tell them that local government should be able…

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Petri Bill Alert – take Action

1000 Friends of Wisconsin, along with John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, law enforcement, the Truck Safety Coalition, the Trauma Foundation, and people who have lost loved ones in overly heavy truck crashes OPPOSE HR 2353, a bill that will allow overweight trucks…

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#10 of 10 Reasons WISDOT Budget Needs to Change

Reason 10: Reduce spending or increase taxes. Departments of transportation across the country have recognized that the gas-tax is no longer sufficient to fund transportation programs. Due to cars becoming more efficient and using less gas (or in the case of electric vehicles, no gas) revenues into state transportation funds have steadily declined over the…

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