Our new Transportation Website – Bus Bike Walk Wisconsin

1000 Friends’ new website Bus Bike Walk Wisconsin will help Wisconsinites plan trips using buses, bikes – or their feet. Bus Bike Walk Wisconsin is intended to give users a one stop site for information on non-automotive transportation as well as provide information for advocates looking to promote better options for non-automotive users at the state…

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The 10% Solution: A Better Plan for Wisconsin’s Transportation Future

Leaders Present Alternative Budget that Gets Wisconsin’s Transportation Priorities Straight Please check out the picture book we handed out at the press release Madison – Today, local elected leaders, municipal representatives from across Wisconsin, and transportation advocates presented a new budget proposal that would cut wasteful highway spending, reduce the structural deficit in the Transportation…

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#10 of 10 Reasons WISDOT Budget Needs to Change

Reason 10: Reduce spending or increase taxes. Departments of transportation across the country have recognized that the gas-tax is no longer sufficient to fund transportation programs. Due to cars becoming more efficient and using less gas (or in the case of electric vehicles, no gas) revenues into state transportation funds have steadily declined over the…

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#9 of 10 Reasons WISDOT Budget Needs to Change

Reason 9.  We are over-engineering our highways. The state is proposing to spend over half its projected transportation budget for 2013-2015 on the repair, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, in addition to significant highway capacity expansion. In many cases, when a road is being rehabilitated – it becomes wider, allows faster traffic flow and has…

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#8 of 10 Reasons WISDOT Budget Needs to Change

Reason 8.  We should allocate more funds for transit to respond to the increase in demand and ridership. Wisconsin is spending the majority of its transportation budget on new roads, when transit ridership in America is at its highest in 50 years and demand for public transportation is reaching record levels. National Transit Facts: 1….

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