Changing Transportation Trends and Misplaced Priorities

-by Ashwat Anandanarayanan, Transportation Policy Analyst Keeping in line with the rest of the nation, Wisconsinites are driving less each year. For the first time in history, vehicle miles driven have fallen for nearly a decade. Data from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation shows that VMT in the state hit a peak in 2004, and…

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Wisconsin’s Transportation System in Crisis

-by Ashwat Anandanarayanan, Transportation Policy Analyst Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation, has varying degrees of authority over different transportation modes – from roads, to public transit, airports and rail. However, most of the department’s revenues are sunk into the state highway system, as shown in the illustration below. Years of over-investing in new highways, at the…

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1000 Friends Slams Transportation Finance Commission Report

1000 Friends of Wisconsin is dismissing the draft recommendations issued by the Transportation Finance and Policy Commission as being a one sided propaganda piece for the road building lobby.  In comments to Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb, the group called for the commission to go back to the table and make recommendations based on no…

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