1000 Friends Comments on the Draft Environmental Statement for the Highway 23 project

Our filing cites clear and overwhelming evidence that a fundamental shift in driving habits is underway and the WisDOT chooses to ignore this reality. We also take issue with WisDOT’s notification of the “public information meeting” on the Highway 23 expansion project. WisDOT claimed in their public notice that the construction phase of Highway 23…

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The Hidden Cost of Highway Expansion

How walkable neighborhoods saved Wisconsin homeowners thousands of dollars in their property values. by Gregg May. Can a highway expansion really affect the value of your property? Under Governor Scott Walker’s administration, Wisconsin has entered a period of austerity with major cuts to education, public services and healthcare for seniors. In spite of this, the…

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1000 Friends Slams Transportation Finance Commission Report

1000 Friends of Wisconsin is dismissing the draft recommendations issued by the Transportation Finance and Policy Commission as being a one sided propaganda piece for the road building lobby.  In comments to Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb, the group called for the commission to go back to the table and make recommendations based on no…

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