Wisconsin’s Transportation System in Crisis

-by Ashwat Anandanarayanan, Transportation Policy Analyst Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation, has varying degrees of authority over different transportation modes – from roads, to public transit, airports and rail. However, most of the department’s revenues are sunk into the state highway system, as shown in the illustration below. Years of over-investing in new highways, at the…

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Transportation and health: How we travel can keep us fit

For most of us, driving is a way of life. We drive to work, school, grocery stores, restaurants, theaters and even the gym. America’s massive investments in roads and highways have provided us with comfort, access and mobility. These conveniences however, have come at a price. Our auto-centric transportation system has spawned sedentary lifestyles that…

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City of Madison Transportation Master Plan – take the survey today

The City of Madison is beginning to develop and craft its Transportation Master Plan. Now is the time to weigh in on the issues, problems, and priorities that affect or are important to you! Visit the city’s website (http://www.cityofmadison.com/planning/transportationmasterplan.html) and take the online survey. You can help provide direction and focus to the planning process…

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Wisconsin: A Tale of Two Transit Partners – podcast

In this special two-part Community Transportation (CT) Podcast, Steve Hiniker and Bruce Speight (Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRG)) talk about connections to smart transportation planning, policy and implementation. The focus here is on how community and public transit helps build livable, sustainable communities, and how to broaden and amplify the pro-transit message at the state…

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