Register today for the annual Wisconsin Bike Summit

The bicycling community comes together at the annual Wisconsin Bike Summit. 1000 Friends Transportation Policy Analyst Ash Anandanarayanan will be presenting about Transportation and Climate Change at this years bike summit. The event will be held on Friday, October 10th at 9am at Edgewood College in beautiful and bikeable Madison, WI. This year’s Summit focuses on harnessing our collective…

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American Wilderness, Past, Present, And Future: A Historical Meditation

WILLIAM CRONON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2014 – 7:00 PM SHANNON HALL (THE RESTORED WISCONSIN UNION THEATER) MEMORIAL UNION 800 LANGDON ST, MADISON, WI (MAP) As we celebrate in 2014 the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Wilderness Act—which has protected more than 100 million acres of U.S. public land—it’s well worth pondering this remarkable achievement. What do we…

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Walkability and Disabilities

Communities and neighborhoods that are more compact and walkable have stronger social networks, better personal and community health, and are easier on the environment. But are “walkable” streets equally walkable for everyone?

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