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Commute Cost and Carbon Calculator

Commute Cost and Carbon Calculator

How much do you spend on commuting to work daily? Give yourself a huge raise by switching to transit and help the environment in the process! Calculate your savings and your carbon emission reductions from using transit with our simple calculator.

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How many days per month do you drive to work?
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What is the cost of a round-trip ticket to work on public transit in your city? ($)*
*Most public transit agencies offer multi-ride or monthly discount fares. To see what public transit is available in your city, click here.

Your commute costs

Your monthly cost of driving to work is: ($)
Your monthly cost of taking transit to work is: ($)
Your monthly savings by taking transit are: ($)
Your yearly savings by taking transit are: ($)
Switching your commute from driving to transit is equal to planting these many trees:

Your costs of driving are derived on a per-mile basis from data that considers fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, license, registration, depreciation and finance costs. Data from AAA's "Your Driving Costs 2013" brochure. These are average values and your individual savings may differ.
One tree on average removes 48 lbs of carbon from the atmosphere in a year.
Biking and walking are also great, free and healthy ways to get to work! Some cities have a bike share program which you can use. Contact your local legislator to communicate your desire for healthy and sustainable Wisconsin communities.