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Jane’s Walk MKE – May 2018

Jane’s Walk MKE – May 2018

“Sowing Seeds to Grow Grass Roots”

Dear City Builders of Milwaukee,

Jane’s Walk MKE has gathered an energized group to empower all of us Milwaukeeans to spread the mission and messages of Jane Jacobs, who believed that the people best equipped to understand cities and make decisions about them are “ordinary, interested citizens.” She intuited that getting to know our neighborhoods and each other is the foundation of successful city-building.

Jane’s Walk MKE will feature planned walks and other events that celebrate idea-making and placemaking. We hope it will also motivate participation in making proactive changes to connect Milwaukeeans, improve urban infrastructure and encourage civic engagement and activism. While Jane’s Walks take place around the world during one weekend in May, Jane’s Walk MKE has enough Walks to expand to the entire month of May!

Free, citizen-led neighborhood explorations and neighborhood-building events are designed to embody urban activist Jane Jacob’s legacy through observing, reflecting, questioning, and collectively reimagining the places in which Milwaukeeans live, work and play. We believe in building a “walkable and talkable” city, planned for and by citizens.  We envision a Milwaukee that has “the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, [it is] created by everybody.” – Jane Jacobs’  The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Jane's Walk

There are several ways to get involved! Lead a walk (bike, kayak, etc!), encourage others to lead a walk, showcase your organization at the kickoff event, and help spread the word (newsletter and social media text attached).

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to create a free, citizen-led exploration of your great neighborhood in our great city!

  1. Create a walk by yourself, with your friends, or with your organization. Do you want to share a place you love? Do you want to get community feedback? Find some ideas or peruse past tours from TorontoNew York, and Milwaukee for inspiration.
  2. Sign up to lead your own walk. Jane’s Walk MKE will help promote! We’ll invite you to the event kick off on May 2 to promote your walk, organization, mission, etc. Complete this form to register your walk.
  3. Explore and help others explore our amazing city!

Local organizations have an opportunity to be highlighted at a kick-off event Wednesday, May 2, from 5:30 to 8:30pm in the Turner Hall Ballroom.  

At the kickoff, walk leaders and organizations will share their missions, events, and projects to stimulate discussion on ways to improve the vibrancy of Milwaukee and our neighborhoods. Tabletops, poster presentations, printed handouts, or an interactive activity can be used to share your mission during socializing before and after our diverse panel of speakers. Please invite your members to the event, lead Walks in their neighborhoods, and participate in other walks.

If your group can attend, please let us know how much table space or poster floor space you may need. We will have long rows of tables set up that we will share. Please provide poster or free-standing backdrop support structures if needed.

Please email your availability to participate or contact us with any questions. Thank You and we hope you can be part of this Jane’s Walk MKE during the month of May!

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