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Green Schoolyard Project Committee Meeting

Green Schoolyard Project Committee Meeting Members

What our partners and supporters have to say about us:

“Aldo Leopold Elementary is a community school where its success is measurable when the students, staff and community around it flourish.

The Green Schoolyard Project was created so that we could work toward ensuring that our schoolyard was a space for the Leopold family and friends that is welcoming, engaging and educational.

Much of our success has come with our partnership with 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. Their commitment to support a green and growing environment for all to enjoy is reflected in their continued efforts in helping us find the resources and information to bring our ideas to life. Without them our committee would only be an idea and not the action it has become.”

“1000 Friends of Wisconsin began when a small group of individuals, concerned about growing threats to Wisconsin’s natural resources, decided to act upon a well known principle: an organized group can be far more effective than the same number acting individually.

Thus 1000 Friends of Wisconsin was born and began its life as an advocate for the intelligent use of our land, water and air resources. It’s advocacy continues and grows.”

“1000 Friends of Wisconsin has been a strong and trusted Green Tier Legacy Communities Charter member.

They are generous with providing support and technical expertise to municipalities and counties statewide.

In addition they are serving the critical role of grant administrator to allow for partner communities to benefit from a green infrastructure initiative, which will have on-the-ground stormwater mitigation benefits throughout the Great Lakes basin.”

  • Will Erikson, Sustainability and Business Support, Green Tier, Wisconsin DNR

“There are public interests that are best served by community action. In representative democracies, governments are the most powerful agencies for community action. But in today’s America, our state and federal governments are failing us.

Our best hope for stimulating action is to work through a myriad of non-government organizations such as 1000 Friends.

With its focus on transportation, it addresses several of our most pressing challenges – climate change, air pollution and poverty – all related to an increasing need for efficient transportation in both rural and congested areas.”

  • Dan Cornwell, Member since 1996, Emeritus Professor – UW-Madison

“Some common themes run through the work of 1000 Friends, whether we’re promoting 21st century transportation options, protecting natural resources or helping to build healthy, sustainable communities and neighborhoods.

We provide sensible, cost-effective and fact-based alternatives that help our state and local communities make wise and enduring decisions.

Maybe that’s why we’ve become a go-to source when policymakers face tough choices about how to build systems and infrastructure.”

“1000 Friends of Wisconsin is one of Sierra Club’s most valuable coalition partners. They protect both people and the planet by supporting responsible land use policies.

We know we can count on 1000 Friends for thorough and accurate research and consistent collaboration when advocating for better transportation policy in Wisconsin.”

DNR Urban Forestry staff

DNR Urban Forestry staff

“The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Urban and Community Forestry program envisions healthy and sustainable urban forest ecosystems integral to healthy and sustainable communities.

We are proud to partner with 1000 Friends of Wisconsin in their statewide tree planting initiatives to make Wisconsin communities greener, healthier and happier places to live, work and play!”