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1000 Friends advocates for transportation options that are clean, equitable and cost effective. We believe that a disproportionate focus on automobiles has encouraged sprawl and unsustainable land use patterns. Transportation is also the second largest source of carbon emissions in the United States. We work on transportation policy at the state and local level to encourage investment in public transportation, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, while fighting against unneeded highway expansion.

Balanced Transportation

An effective and balanced transportation system combines multiple methods of travel, including automobiles, public transit, bicycles and pedestrian walkways.

Multiple transportation options give people the opportunity to find good jobs, remain healthy, and build a vibrant economic and social community. By balancing the types of transportation in a community, we allow the greatest number of people to flow from one location to another. This creates less reliance on any one mode of transportation and makes travel easier and more efficient.

1000 Friends promotes the creation of a transportation system that gives people many options to travel. We aim to increase funding for public transit, pedestrian and bike pathways, and the repair and maintenance of local roads.

Transportation Equity

Equitable transportation is the idea that everyone in a community, regardless of their age, race or economics, has equal opportunity to get around.

Unjust transportation planning in the U.S. has historically led to segregated communities. These communities often have higher traffic crash rates, poor access to goods and services and high incidences of diseases from airborne pollution.

1000 Friends works to combat systematic policy measures that even today perpetuate these outcomes by partnering with community members who are particularly at risk to ensure that they have a voice at the decision making table. We also provide research and policy expertise to highlight discrimination in transportation planning policy and identify areas of improvement.

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Fighting Wasteful Spending

For decades, Wisconsin has spent billions of dollars on massive highway mega-projects, which has left the current transportation fund insolvent.

Wisconsin continues to spend billions of dollars on new highway expansion projects that in addition to harming communities will likely be underused due to changing technology and demographics. This has left very little funding available for local roads and public, which are in increasingly poor shape.

1000 Friends identifies projects that are particularly egregious and works to right-size them. We use a combination of strategies that include raising community awareness, creating policy briefs and carrying out original research and working with lawmakers to move our goals forward.

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